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SAC Capital Employee Just Doing His Job Or: How To Think About Gary Busey's Oscar Antics

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Those watching the E! channel’s Oscar pre-show last may have noticed that Gary Busey interrupted Ryan Seacrest’s interview with Jennifer Garner by screaming "Ryan! Ryan Seacrest! I've been looking for you for years!" and proceeding to suck on Mrs. Affleck’s neck. Some of you may have wondered what that was all about. (Who would want to suck where Ben Affleck hath sucked?) The answer, not surprisingly, lies with SAC Capital.
Recall that in early December, Busey had a gig as a shrimp puff waiter at the Stamford-based hedge fund's holiday party. While others on the waitstaff shied away from Big Guy SC, prefering to serve less intimidating lower ranked employees, the Buse went right up to BGSC, who was standing alone outside of the kitchen where the caterers come out with fresh platters and said, "You look like a guy who enjoys the finer things in life, like the puffiest shrimp puff I've got." And handed him the biggest, flakiest, most tastiest looking sucker on the tray.
While devouring said shrimp, the BGSC couldn’t help but notice that this particular waiter stood out from the rest, not only because of his gumption in serving the boss, but because he was bat shit insanity manifest. There was only one thing left to do—offer him a job. “SAC could use a guy like you, Gar,” he said while grabbing another puff. Which is how Gary Busey came to co-manage SAC's healthcare portfolio.
And in fact did so well with pharmaceuticals, that by mid-January was given the reins of media as well. Which brings us to last night. SAC, known for its aggressive style of information gathering, set the Buse loose on the red carpet with Stevie’s specific instructions to “Go get us some dirt. And some of those delicious-looking cheesity cheesey canapés" (to which the Buse responded, “I’m not your fucking shrimp puff boy anymore. But I’ll see what I can do”). Hence, last night's seemingly "crazy" performance. Classic SAC.
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