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The New DealBreaker: A Quick Guide To The New Site

Last week DealBreaker debuted our new look and several new features. Most of the site will still operated the way it always has. Our main column will carry the latest news, rumors and humor from the same stable of writers. Our comment section remains open to anonymous comments, and you can keep up with the most recent reader comments by clicking on the tab above. We still bring you the latest in Wall Street job offerings in our Career Center.
Our new features include a featured stories section on the top of the page, where recent important stories and classic DealBreaker items will be spotlighted. We’ll continuously poll our readers—whom we regard as our best sources for news, gossip and market intelligence—with a permanent poll featured in the center column. You’ll notice the center column also contains two new features—a column highlighting the new “DealBreaker Community” section and “Elsewhere.” The DealBreaker Community is an opportunity for reader to really shine. There you can start a conversation or pick up where one left off. It’s the place for readers to break new stories and start new conversations. Elsewhere will highlight the best stories of the day from all around these here internets. In the column on the far right, we've enabled you to sort items by the most read, most commented and most recommended.
There are now more ways to read and organize DealBreaker, and your chance to personalize your experience by registering with us. Several readers have reported problems registering—in particular, the inability to register certain user names or not getting confirmation emails. The confirmation emails are probably being swallowed up by spam filters. If you have attempted to register, or have any other problems with the site, please email us at tips@dealbreaker and we’ll get it manually ironed out.
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.