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The Wall Street Primary

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Wall Street may not have its own primary but then again voting is not necessarily the best indicator of support and enthusiasm for a candidate. After all, the apathetic and uninformed get equal votes with the committed and knowledgeable. The best primary for Wall Street probably wouldn't be a voting primary at all. It would be a money primary, where Wall Streeters would vote with something much more valued than votes--cash--and candidates would report quarterly results. Not surprisingly, that's very close to what we have.
So who is winning the Wall Street money primary? Hillary Clinton took garnered the most dollars in the fourth quarter, taking $388,391 from employees of the top 10 underwriters of U.S. stock offerings. Mitt Romney came in a distant second, with just $293,750 from that group. Democrat Barack Obama trailed close on his heels with with $251,860.
Clinton Tops Romney, Obama in Fourth-Quarter Wall Street Cash [Bloomberg]