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There Are Only 6,300 People Watching This, No Need To Run A Comb Through Cody's Hair Or Splash Cold Water On His Face

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In this new ‘Happy Hour’ bit called ‘Backseat Broker,’ Cody Willard, completely disheveled and visibly drunk, rides around town trying to find someone who’ll get in a cab with him and “talk about finance.” Victim number one is Jennifer V. (sounds like ‘Volmer’ but she’s scared of the guy sitting next to her and muddles her words so I can’t be sure). She works in credit derivatives. Cody asks her if there’s anything that can be done to improve the market; better question: is there anything that can be done to improve this segment? No. It is perfection. But, if pressed to come up with something, we can’t help thinking it would be interesting not to have Cody convincing people to get in his cab, but running alongside traffic, seeing who’ll let him into theirs (keep the unkempt look, it's humanizing). If they want to talk shop, that’s just an added bonus.