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"There Is A Lot Of Money To Be Made In These Sports"

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We're generally amused by the efforts of Fox Business to package anything and everything as a business story ("The Britney Economy!" "The Business of Blow Jobs! More Time Effective Than Using Your Hand = Bigger Profits For You!" and so on and so forth). Like, we laugh at the clips and want to shake these idiots. But today, for the very first time, after watching a segment on Rock-Paper-Scissors, and other "non-traditional" sports like pillow fighting, all I want to do is give someone at that network a hug, for RPS is my all-time favorite game/activity/pastime. I don't even care that the anchor refers to it as a couch potato sport, though I would point out that FBN probably shouldn't knock couch potato sports, since that is the only reason the 6,300-odd people tune in to the network. Kind of the business news equivalent of watching Nascar for the car wrecks, except they happen all the time here.



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