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Tim Sykes Wants You To Kill Him

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Early this morning, there was a fire in an Upper East Side apartment building. Luckily no one died and almost all of the injuries were minor, save for a fire fighter who was hospitalized and in "serious condition." I hadn't read or heard about what happened. Hedge fund manager Tim Sykes rectified that:
CilantroFP: you hear?

CilantroFP:that was my building, i almost died
CilantroFP: what would DB do then?
DBBL: wow
CilantroFP: dude it was scary
CilantroFP: no fire alarms
DBBL: that's got to be illegal, no?
CilantroFP: they're "under repair"
CilantroFP: waking up coughing in a smoggy room is no fun
CilantroFP:let me tell ya
CilantroFP: you still there?
CilantroFP: it was crazy!
DBBL: you think it's a sign of what's to come
DBBL: like, with your hedge fund?
CilantroFP: i think some angry DB reader tried to kill me
CilantroFP: is what i think
CilantroFP: but i prevailed, just like i always will
DBBL: ill let them know
CilantroFP: yeah yeah, they're gonna have to do better than that!
DBBL: how do you think they would do it?
CilantroFP: they did do it...but they failed
CilantroFP: they just sabotaged the fire alarms
CilantroFP: but they forgot i live on low floor so my escape was quick
DBBL: no attention to detail with these guys
CilantroFP: well i like a challenge
CilantroFP: so hopefully they won't quit trying
30 injured in Upper East Side fire [Newsday]