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Time To Go Long Subprime? Bear Stearns Shorts It For $1 Billion

Bear Stearns has more than $1 billion of short positions on subprime, up $400 million from the end of November, Bloomberg reports. Of course, since Bear Stearns got the subprime trade so wildly wrong last year, people are already wondering if this might be a signal that it is time to go long subrime.
Over at The Big Picture, Barry Ritzholz writes, “While I do not expect us to be done with the subprime slime yet, I do get a ‘Is this a bottom indicator?’ sense from Bear on this.”
JPMorgan Chase, which emerged relatively unscathed from the credit market debacle, is apparently taking the opposite position. Yesterday Jamie Dimon was reported to have said that the bank plans to expand its role in the subprime mortgage business. Goldman is also rumored to have reversed it’s position on subprime, taking a net long position.
Bear Stearns Is `Short' Subprime Mortgages $1 Billion [Bloomberg]