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Valentines Day Short Seller Massacre Plot Uncovered

How bad must things be up in Armonk?
It’s usually a sure sign of deep trouble when a company blames short-sellers or runs crying to lawmakers for protection. MBIA has announced plans to do both. It’s asking lawmakers to investigate or curtail “the unscrupulous and dangerous market manipulation activities of short sellers," according to a written copy of testimony it plans to give to the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services that Reuters obtained.
What really has MBIA’s knickers in a twist is that scheduled appearance of Bill Ackman before the committee.
"MBIA notes that Mr. William Ackman is appearing on the hearing on February 14th as an 'industry expert.' Mr. Ackman is in fact not involved in the industry in any capacity except as that of a short-seller, and, accordingly, MBIA questions the characterization of Mr. Ackman's expertise," the testimony says.
Scandalous. Everyone knows that short sellers cannot be experts. Only corporate management count as experts. Just ask Enron. That damned Jim Chanos guy got up in their face, and he wasn’t even in the energy trading business. They really showed him.
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