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What Uterus In Hell

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A reader experimenting with his sadomasochistic side sent us the following two images this morning and asked, separated at birth?

Since many if not all of you are gluttons for punishment as well, at this time, we ask you the same. Keep in mind that while an answer in the affirmative would be a boon to (retired) day traders near and far, it would also be an insult to Kerviel, failing to take into account all of the time and effort he put into that scam in France, even over the summer, while his colleagues were sunning themselves on nude beaches. Then again, answering in the negative would be like someone offering you the opportunity to put Sykes one step closer to the big house (demon seed accomplice = at least ten) and saying "No, thanks." So, it's a tough call.
Obviously, someone over at CBS has already made up his/her mind.