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Write-Offs: 02.21.08

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$$$Iraq-Focused Hedge Fund Drops 4.2% In Jan. [FINalternatives]
$$$ To Stay Open [The Big Picture]
$$$Hi. I am a cute (former cheerleader/drum majorette in high school) 5-2. 111 lbs, light brown hair and green eyes. In my 20's I had an on-and-off boyfriend but I got tired of him, especially after my experience with a fast-lane Wall Street guy.
After we started dating (I only found out later he was sneaking out on his wife, saying he was working late) he convinced me to practice my baton skills on his back with some floggers he'd brought along (how convenient).
I would like to find another hedge fund or similar kind of guy to practice my flogging on. I can travel and also have a beautiful rural setting with a heated play-space where I like to practice. [craigslist]
$$$ The Nerd Taint Is Even Stronger Than Imagined [LoSC]