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Yo Ho, Blow the Man Down

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We’ve been writing a lot about NYC Pocket Change’s upcoming speed dating event, for “rich old women and hot young men” i.e. the greatest spectator sport of all time (Thursday!) and although many of you are all for being made kept boys, there remain a few who are uncomfortable with the shift in gender dynamics. Obviously I’m talking about Pirate Capital manager Tom Hudson and obviously I’m referring to his profile on, which purports to be “The Real Sugar Daddy Website.” It was recently forwarded our way and though we like to be skeptical about this sort of stuff after having been burned by the fake James Simons listing on, nothing about the profile seems so outlandish as to have been made up by one of Hudson’s many, many disgruntled former employees. The part about his income being “more than $1,000,000” seems to be a bit of an exaggeration, considering that his flagship fund is currently managing about five bucks, to say nothing of all the dinero he sunk into printing up those proxy battle t-shirts, but I’m sure everyone rounds up on these things. Anywho.
The 6’1, 42 year-old Caucasian is looking for a 25-32 year-old cupcake with a “sense of humor” and “a brain” (not sure if that’s slang for waxed nether regions, I’ve heard it is). You must live in New York or being willing to relocate. You also “must be white.” No brown sugar for this sugar daddy. “Refined” only, thank you very much.
You might wonder if we have a problem with the racist overtones contained in Tom's profile. We don't. If that's his thing, well, that's his thing. What we have a problem with is the fact that the existence of this listing is more or less proof that Hudson couldn't make it work with Isa Bolotin, or sister Holly. And if the scions of soft rock can't make it work with this guy, it's probably a good indication that no one can (though Blarney will certainly try). And that's a shame on par with Pirate seeing about five units* worth of redemptions, because he already built that huge mausoleum, and if the slot for "dead wife" goes unfilled, well, that's just embarrassing.
Nevertheless, we're not giving up hope yet. In fact, we encourage the young ladies to give him a call on his direct line (203-890-2000). Other pertinent info, after the jump.

Pirate1212 [] (login: johnfc, pswd: 988988)
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