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Bank of America's Got Work To Do

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How much fucking up can Bank of America do? About $6.5 billion worth of fucking up, apparently, minus what they’ve already done. We're no experts, but we can’t help thinking that number sounds high. Could they really screw things up that badly on investment banking and mortgage transactions alone? Dubious. They want to justify that 6.5, they're going to have to start hauling ass, in and outside the office. We crunched some numbers (6.5 billion divided by 31,000) and found that it comes out to about 200,000 7-diamond dawn to dawn packages. It’s highly unlikely the relatively bland management at BoA will be able to blow through it all, but if they start working now, a sizable dent could be made. Mozilo has pledged to make up the difference.
Bank of America May Face $6.5 Billion Loss [CNBC]