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Bernanke's Mother Also Available For Quotes (Not So Much Dad, Who Never Thought He Was Good Enough)

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A lot of you think the end is nigh. You think there's no way out. You think JPMorgan is going to replace all of Bear Stearns with this huge bug, and that's going to be the end of it. And you think the guy who should be saving and holding and stroking us all, Ben Bernanke, doesn't have a clue as how he can make things better, and spare us from BugBot. Well, we’ve got news for you, sisters—Ben Bernanke knows exactly how to get us out of this techno-arachnid mess, and we know he does because his thesis adviser from grad school, whose reputation is not at all at stake, said so.
Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer, who mentored Bernanke on his doctoral thesis, entitled 'Long-term commitments, dynamic optimization and the business cycle; Or, how to protect Wall Street from flesh-eating BugBots,' at MIT, told Bloomberg, "You can inject liquidity in the economy and it happens that Ben Bernanke is an expert on the issue." Not worried about coming off as biased, he added: "Ben Bernanke is an outstanding economist-- this should come as a shock to exactly no one aware of the fact that he is a student of mine. You read that correctly-- 'is,' not 'was,' 'is.' Yeah. YEAH. He runs everything by me and I have to sign off on it all. I am, as they say, running this b'yatch. And I don't just do the economic stuff. I do it all. 'Member that photo shoot with the Times? My idea. The soft lighting? Mine. The hand pensively stroking the jaw? You guessed it-- mine."
Bernanke to Get on Top of Credit Squeeze, Says Israel's Fischer [Bloomberg]