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Bigger Than Bear

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Yesterday we received an outrageous tip that Goldman Sachs would no longer be providing free soda and water to its employees. Exponentially more outrageous? The line we got not ten minutes ago: “That GS free soda story is bull shit. The only free stuff at the buildings I’ve been at (1NYP, 85 Broad, 180ML and 30 Hudson) is bad coffee and two kinds of milk to go with it.” I know, you can barely see straight. I’ll address our collective rage in two parts. Part one is: the minor matter of the fact that two kinds of milk fails to adequately address the needs of even your most low maintenance java drinkers—at the bare minimum there should be a choice of whole, skim, soy and half-and-half. Part two is: Lloyd Craig Blankfein, people, this is a disgrace! Goldman Sachs taking away freebies when times are tough and it’s not like employees can take a stand and get jobs elsewhere is one thing. Goldman Sachs never providing freebies in the first place is quite another. And don't try telling me you don’t care because you do care, we all care. This changes everything and not in a good way. Feel free to retreat to your crying rooms at this time. I'll let you know if and when we get evidence to the contrary, and it's safe to come out.