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Bishop of Rochester Nails Genesis Of Market Mayhem

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In his Easter sermon yesterday, Michael Nazir-Ali, the B of R, told a rapt audience that the “turmoil in the markets is almost certainly the result of amoral forces” possessing today’s hedge fund leaders. The Bishop admonished “those with power,” who, in his professional opinion, are on the fast track to hell, unless they start ensuring “that the poor are not disproportionally affected” and showing “gratitude” for what they have (“For instance Cohen might share those Thin Mints he’s been stockpiling, and Chanos could maybe stop to think for one second that not everyone is pulling down the kind of g’s that gets the 3-diamond girls to hover, and it would be nice if, just once, he helped a brother out.”) The Bishop did not say whether or not a return to Christian living would help things out credit-wise.
Anglican Leaders Issue Rebukes To Hedge Funds, ‘Greed’ [FINalternatives]


Anti-Fraud Technology Helping FBI Nail Morons

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