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Breaking News: Ethanol Lobby Group Finds Ethanol Benefits

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The unbiased, neutrally independent American Coalition for Ethanol (it is worth a visit just to absorb- or be absorbed by- the simply eerie animations on the website, but don't forget to check out the "all about ethanol" stuff too. Ethanol 101 is an invaluable source of the latest bullshit, biofuel jargon guaranteed to get the undergarments off of that hottie with the clipboard that you have been oggling since crashing the Democratic fundraiser) released a report earlier this week revealing that Ethanol might save consumers money.
Of course, we only bring it up as a way of talking about the far more interesting publications of Robert "Ethanol Is The Largest Scam In Our Nation's History" Bryce. Seriously, you can't fail to appreciate titles like "Gusher of Lies," especially when they are accompanied by subtitles like "The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence." Or perhaps, "Pipe Dreams," paired with "Greed, Ego, and the Death of Enron."
Either way, I think I'll buy corn futures.
Lobby Says Ethanol Helping Reduce Gasoline Costs [Research Recap]

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