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Carl Icahn: Failed Blogger?

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Finally, someone has gotten to the bottom of the most pressing question of our age: why isn't Carl Icahn blogging? Last month he announced that he was starting a blog at The Icahn Report. But so far it's been a disapointment. There are no posts and repeated trips to the blog reveal just a dour picture of Icahn and the promise: “blog coming soon.”
Fortunately, Dane Hamilton and Megan Davies at Reuters have uncovered what's delaying Icahn's blogging.

At a meeting last night, Icahn explained that he’s not suffering from writers’ block, but said his lawyers are stopping him. ”Every night, I write for an hour and they tear it up,” said Icahn with a sardonic laugh.
Icahn, who has a history of hiring lawyers away from top-notch firms so he doesn’t have to pay astronomical New York law firm fees, might want to consider hiring new lawyers?

Icahn loses battle to his own lawyers [Reuters]