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Catching Up With The Decline and Fall of Eliot Spitzer: He Likes It Raw!

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Just catching up on the fall of Eliot Spitzer? There’s too much Spitzer news and commentary for anyone to follow. Fortunately, both Stephen Bainbridge and Radar Magazine has combed through the news so you don’t have to. Radar concentrates on the dirty facts, like the fact that Spitzer didn't like condoms, set the mood with classical music and apparently was getting some on his recent secret mission to Florida. Bainbridge is all over the legal questions, like what kind of crimes he may have committed and whether he will be disbarred.
Update: Street Carnage (definitely not safe for work and almost not safe for anywhere) says that Spitzer's $4,300 hooker spending spree isn't really that pricey. It's market rate for a couple of hours with a high end call-girl.