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Eliot Spitzer's Rise and Fall On CNBC Tonight

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Can’t get enough of the Eliot Spitzer saga? Tonight at 8 PM (and rebroadcast at 11 PM ET) CNBC is presenting a special titled "The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer: A CNBC Special," anchored by Dylan Ratigan.
The one-hour special examines, among other topics, the effect Spitzer had on Wall Street. It will feature a huge gang from CNBC, including anchors and reporters Charlie Gasparino (Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Scott Cohn, Melissa Lee, Hampton Pearson, among others.
Dylan Ratigan will anchor live from Wall Street. We told CNBC they weren’t allowed to have Melissa Francis, Erin Burnett, Becky Quick, Trish Regan or Maggie Brennan for the special. We’re planning on getting them drunk at our happy hour.*
*No CNBC women were harmed, or even spoken to, in the creation of this post.