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Energy Traders Haunted By Enron Memories

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We contacted the DealBreaker energy trading desk this afternoon for a report on the state of the market, but the celtic tigers who are supposed to watch that market for us were already out getting drunk for Saint Patrick’s Day.
We rifled through the desk anyway, and came up with a few notes on what we think was supposed to be a report on the state of the market today. “Still haunted by the sudden loss of liquidity when Enron collpased, the nation's energy markets remained stable with normal volumes Monday but traders admitted they are waiting for bad news from the financial sector which rescued it post-Enron,” the note said. At least that’s what we think it said. It was hard to tell because the page was stained with beer.
When we checked the screens we saw that April NYMEX gas futures contract had dropped like a rock. We called up and asked about it.
“Is this related to Bear Stearns? Is it because they’re selling off their energy portfolio?” we shouted trying to make ourselves heard above the din of the midtown dive.
“Get a life Carney. Not everything that happens today has to be because of Bear Stearns! Nobody thinks the price drops are related to BSC. When are you coming out and getting drunk?” our covert energy reporter said.
Soon, we answered. But the phone had already gone dead. And then we decided we'd attach a Bear Stearns tag to this post anyway.