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Falcone Buys Penthouse Penthouse

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Harbinger Capital manager Philip Falcone just bought the Upper East Side apartment previously owned by print porn publisher Bob Guccione. The spread, located on East 67th street, includes 22,000 square feet, a solarium, an indoor pool, a theater, a “dance” room, servants’ quarters and an auto-fellatio deck. Though Guccione had hoped to sell the place for $59 million, it sat on the market for nearly six years due to what Corcoran VP Leighton Candler called “an odd energy...Whenever people brought in children, they were ready to leave,” which would explain Jeff Epstein’s reaction upon stepping foot in the place several years ago as a potential buyer (he lept backwards as though the marble floor was made of lava and girls over 18), and comment, “not if you were giving it away.” Falcone ended up paying $49 million in cash, out-pimping (and royally pissing off) Dan Loeb, who only shelled out $45 for his new pussy palace.
Bob Guccione's Old Mansion, Despite 'Odd Energy,' Closes for $49 M. [NYO]


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