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Gone, Baby, GoneLive blogging Eliot Spitzer's Resignation

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His wife is there again.
He’s said it’s a private failing.
It’s about his remorse. He’s “begun to atone.” Bess loves that. It’s a pop culture reference and a Jewish thing! This guy might have a future as a blogger. Or as Maureen Dowd.
My God this man is full of himself.
He apologizes for letting down those who believed in “what he tried to stand for.”
He’s bragging about his accomplishments.
And it's done. He has tendered his resignation.
It’s effective next week! Ten days after the news broke! Someone put a net over the Hudson to stop Spitzer from ditching his computer into the river!
Downside for citizens of New York: Another week of government paralysis. Chaos. Possible dark deeds.
Upside for DealBreaker: We get another week of Spitzer coverage!
Query: Is that Eliot’s best impression of contrition?