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Greenspan Tell-All

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This May, the University of Texas Press will publish a book by Robert Auerbach, called “Deception and Abuse at the Fed: Henry B. Gonzalez Battles Alan Greenspan’s Bank.” In it, Auerbach questions the legitimacy of Greenspan’s Ph.D. thesis from NYU, implying that the paper was “obtained in a few months with little more rigor than a matchbook-cover art degree,” and that were you or I ever privy to reading the thing, it would be plainly evident that Greenspan was blowing the half the degree-granting faculty. Luckily for Greenspan, that’ll probably never happen, because, according to Auerbach, New York University is in cahoots with the former fed chairman to keep Auerbach/other interested parties from every laying eyes on that puppy (Auerbach says NYU’s provost, David McLaughlin, claims that dissertations from the 1970s were not placed in the library, and therefore unavailable, which Auerbach doesn’t buy FOR A SECOND).
Obviously this whole thing is making Bernanke tweak his nipples in delight, and our sources in Washington tell us he’s taken to walking around town with his paper tucked under his arm, replying with feigned innocence when people ask what it is, “Oh just the musty old thesis. Needed to check something; still holds up pretty well. See: Benjy Bernanke, MIT Class of 79.” We’ll do an extended review of the book when it officially comes out, but from the unedited copy we were able to get our hands on today, here’s the other shit Greenspan doesn’t want you to know about that you can likely expect to read, barring any major rewrites.
Auerbach alleges that :
1.Greenspan hasn’t read any of Ayn Rand's books.
2.All of his addresses to Congress involved typing a speech at a third-grade level then using Microsoft's thesaurus to replace every single word with the most fancy-sounding substitute -- even if he didn't know what it meant.
3.It is a lie of the highest order that Greenspan conducts 80% of his business out of the tub; the author claims “evidentiary proof” that “all the magic happens on the can.”
4.His basement wall is littered with photos of, articles by and home addresses of "infidels I must exterminate," including Robert Auerbach, Jim Grant, Bill Fleckenstein, and Alan Abelson.
5.BG has 20/20 vision and wears the glasses to “look smart.”
6.He never dated Barbara Walters. Actually briefly dated Geraldo Rivera (then Jerry Rivers) during his late-70s “experimental phase,” and Phyllis Diller for the better half of the 1980s.
7.He lies about his age. He is really only 42.
8.Greenspan inflated his resume credentials; actually spent most of the 1960s and early 1970s running "Easy Al's Used Cars" in Dubuque, Iowa.
9.During undergrad his source of income was from peddling phony tips on penny stocks, then cleaning up shorting them, and working as a phone sex operator. The book goes into graphic detail, noting that Greenspan was known for his unique style, telling callers things like, “At this juncture you should feel your labia minora becoming engorged. (Since retiring, Greenspan has apparently fired the phone line back up, to much success. $3.99/minute, call 203-890-2000)
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