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GSAM Layoffs Seem About Right

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Goldman Sachs Asset Management recently fired about twenty people from two teams managing Global Alpha and Global Equity Opportunities and, according to Charlton Heston, the victims were the analysts who "do all the actual work," as opposed to names slightly higher on the roster who, beyond being involved in poor day-to-day decision making, do jack and cost a ton to employ. If you want to be all cynical you could chalk the canning methodology up to the groups (and GS at large and, you know, the entire Street) being boys clubs whose members have each others' backs and who won't let their brohamsters get fired for petty little things like shitty performances, and I guess if you're looking at it like that, then, yeah, it seems kind of bad. But that's because you're looking at it all wrong-- these firings actually cast GSAM in a positive light, because they underscore the division's commitment, above all, and at all times, to lose asmuchmoneyas possible. Getting rid of co-head Peter Kraus the other day doesn't really seem in line with the aformentioned bottom line, so tut tut there, but we cross our fingers that his replacement will be paid more for less competence. I don't think we need to tell you who's in total agreement on this one:


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