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Here’s some terrible news sure to send you into a downward spiral ending on cold tiles of the Bear Stearns’s fourteenth floor men’s room, pants around your ankles and shotgun in hand (which, for some people—non-senior BSC executives—would be considered a bad thing): Jeffrey Epstein accuser, Maximilian Cordero, has broken it off with boyfriend/lawyer/blogger William Unroch. Cordero, for those who might have unconscionably forgotten, is the aspiring model who claims billionaire massage enthusiast Jeffrey Epstein lured her underage self into his den of iniquity on the promise that he and his friends would help her with her career, and maybe even get her into the Victoria’s Secret catalog if Cordero would only “be nice to him,” which, in Epstein-speak, translates to standing around awkwardly while he jerked off into a towel. Cordero’s also the one (alleged) victim, that we know of, who has the distinction of being born a man (having pulled a fast one on Epstein by taking hormone pills since she was sixteen, displaying a rack that impressed many a DealBreaker reader, and using the nickname Max, which could really go either way). No one knows what goes on behind closed doors, but hazarding a guess, we’re thinking it’s a distinct possibility that things started to go south for the couple when it was revealed that Cordero might’ve been over 18 at the time of her run in with Epstein, a fact that slightly undermines the case and the millions of dollars the couple was hoping to gain. That sort of disappointment would put a strain on any relationship, even those not involving trannies, purple vibrators and old men and their toupees. Cordero’s new lawyer is Jonathan Lenoir.
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