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"I Love You, John Paulson! I Don't Care Who Hears!"

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Paulson & Co’s credit strategy is up 8 percent so far this year, while its event-driven strategy has made something between 5.5 and 10 percent. This is such huge news that even the most reserved among us, typically staid financial publication HedgeFund.Net, went with the can’t-keep-it-in headline, “Paulson Still Kicking Ass!” And that’s what they were *allowed* to run—not fit for a family periodical rejections include:
-“Paulson Still Kicking Ass AND Taking Names”
-“Yes, Paulson, Yes! I Can Barely Keep My Legs Crossed On The News Of Your Success!”
-“Fuck YEAH Paulson’s Up Ten Billion Percent!”
-“You’re So Good At This Making Money Thing, Paulson!”
-"You Rock, Paulson! Woo! I Really Get Into Your Fuckin’ Hedge Fund! You’re So Excellent!”
-“Hey, John Boy! Left a Few Messages. Call Me, Brah!”
Paulson Still Kicking Ass [HFN]


Don't Count Out John Paulson Just Yet

Yes, he's on track to record another annus fucking horribilis, but he's still got another 19 trading days to turn this thing around. Anything could happen.