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Is This What Dopp Had On Spitzer?

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Look. If our governor is renting out expensive whores, is there really any speculation that is too far-fetched and irresponsible? We're going with "no." So let's take this to a new low.
Last night we were talking the Spitzer case with a former federal prosecutor who is now in private practice. It was late, and we were having something of a wake for Jimmy McNulty, the protagonist of the recently concluded HBO series "The Wire." Of course the Jameson's, McNulty's poison of choice, was flowing freely and pretty soon the tongues were wagging. The prosecutor offered two bits of insight (also known as "irresponsible speculation.")
First, he said that he was convinced the federal probe into the escort agency was an effort to get something on Spitzer. "There's no way they just happened to catch Spitzer on a wiretap. They were targeting him," the former prosecutor said.
Second, he wondered if this explained some of the mystery behind Spitzer's unyielding support for former aide Darren Dopp. Dopp was a long time member of Spitzer's inner-circle, spending much of his early career as the unofficial hit man for the then attorney general. When Spitzer wanted to smear targets of his investigations, allegedly Dopp was usually the man doing the whispering. Last year Dopp was discovered at the center of the dirty-tricks scandal but Spitzer surprised many by sticking by his aide. Even after he had been forced to step down from his official capacity, Spitzer said Dopp had done nothing wrong by taking a job with a major lobbying firm that seeks influence decisions in Albany. Why was Spitzer so loyal to Dopp?
Was Spitzer protecting Dopp because the aide was aware of his philandering and soliciting prostitution? It seems unlikely that Spitzer could have carried on a relationship with an escort service without at least some in his inner-circle learning of it. As we said, this is just speculation. But it's probably not too far-fetched for someone to start asking Dopp what he knew and when he knew it.
We're pretty sure the former prosecutor had a couple of other ideas about this case but it was our round and we missed the rest of the tale as we walked to the bar for a pair of fists full of whiskey. By the time we got back, the talk had turned back to Bunk, Omar and McNulty.