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Job of The Week: On The Night Shift, Baby

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Your jobs sucks. That's why we spent part of the afternoon combing through our Career Center in search of the most interesting jobs. There are dozens to choose from, all categorized according to specialization. But one special one has been selected as our Job of The Week.

This week we're looking to land you a night job. That's right, something for those of you who prefer to sleep the day away and only crawl out of your tomb when the sun has set. But they don't make jobs like that on Wall Street, right? Wrong. Blackrock is hiring a portfolio analytics analyst for the night shift. In support of BlackRock’s mission to provide high quality service to Blackrock's clients (in a 24/6 global support structure), you will be responsible for providing analytical support and service to both internal and external clients. The working days for this position are from Monday to Thursday and Sundays. You will work at various times from 11pm to 9am on weekdays and flexible hours on Sunday. Come on, put those skills you developed staying up all night at clubs to use.