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Looks Like We'll Have Spitzer To Kick Around For A Bit Longer

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We were worried that Governor Eliot Spitzer might step down too hastily, depriving us of the opportunity to mock the horny toad. But the Spitzer sex scandal is the gift that keeps on giving, and Spitzer's aides are now spreading the word that the guv's not going anywhere.
A top aide to Governor Spitzer said today Mr. Spitzer has not made up his mind about whether to step down, the New York Sun reported this afternoon.

"He has not made up his mind," a senior adviser to Mr. Spitzer, Lloyd Constantine, said. "It is more correct to say that he is not resigning."
Another source close to the governor said Mr. Spitzer was refusing to resign until he clinches an agreement with federal authorities about charges that he could face. "I don't think anything happens for a couple of weeks," the source said.

Is Spitzer a sociopath? A meglomaniac? For a man who said he thinks politics should be about ideas and not individuals, he sure seems intent on keeping on individual named Spitzer in office. Meanwhile, Republican New York State Assembly Minority Leader James Tedisco is threatening impeachment.
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