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Morgan Stanley Sued Over Auction Rate Securities

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More auction rate securities lawsuits are hitting the courts. A lawsuit was filed today in federal court in Manhattan alleging that Morgan Stanley “deceptively marketed” auction-rate securities as cash alternatives, Market Watch is reporting.
"Instead of disclosing the true nature of ARS and the substantial liquidity risks associated with them, Morgan Stanley continued to push as many ARS as possible onto its customers in order to unload the inventory off its already troubled balance sheet," the lawsuit said.
The complaint seeks to compel Morgan Stanley to refund investor money by having it rescind millions of dollars of ARS transactions. It also seeks compensatory and punitive damages. The lawsuit is being brought as a class-action suit on behalf of thousands of investors who acquired auction-rate securities from Morgan Stanley between March 25, 2003, and Feb. 13, 2008,.
Similar suits have been filed against Deutsche Bank and UBS. Merrill Lynch has also been threatened with lawsuits by investors, although none have been filed. Goldman Sachs has been rumored to have been quietly bailing out some customers, including high ranking Goldman executives, whose assets were frozen when the auction failes.

Morgan Stanley sued over auction-rate securities marketing
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