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Opening Bell: 3.10.08

Bank of America Plans to Push Ahead With Countrywide Takeover (Bloomberg)
Bank of America won't let a silly FBI investigation into Countrywide get in its way. At least according to analysts and observers, who are trying to figure this out, there's no suggestion that the company will pull back on its merger. That's a little surprising perhaps because there's already been a wide expectations gap, with many predicting it wouldn't go through. Interesting note: CFC is down about 20 percent since the BofA offer was made.
Regional Markets Fall On U.S. Recession Fears (WSJ)
Of course regional markets fell overnight on US recession fears. What else would they do? After losing 6 percent last week, the Nikkei dropped another 2 percent while you were sleeping. The monster loser: Our old stomping ground, Malaysia. It was down over 10 percent on political fears. A little market for lemons action going on: Neighboring Indonesia fell almost 5 percent.

Journalist becomes the story at Mark Zuckerberg SXSWi keynote (CNET)
So if you want to read an account of the most awkward interview in the history of interviewing CEOs, then here's a good recap.