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Riddle Me This

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How is JPMorgan bringing collateral to Bear Stearns but not being held liable for any defaults on that going to restore whatever confidence people supposedly once had in the firm? Doesn't JPMorgan's little agreement with the NYFED sort of undermine the whole thing? Pretend I'm someone who actually gives a shit about this-- JPMorgan doesn't have the confidence to loan Bear outright, but I'm supposed to be like, "You know what? I'm not convinced anyone at BSC would know not to stick their dick in a pencil sharpener, let alone run a profitable company but JPMorgan, who's not even a little exposed, is telling me everything's cool, so I'm sold"? On a related note, damn Bear Stearns/JPMorgan for sucking me into this whole story. Earlier this morning I was turning the volume down on CNBC to write about Jacko and actually thought to myself, but what if I miss something important? Sickening. Anyway, here's a "music video" of Spitzer's hooker. I'm going to watch as many times as it takes to get my dignity back. I suggest you do the same.