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Spitzer's Targets Laughing Silently

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Believe us. We moved heaven and earth to try to get some on-the-record comments from the likes of Henry Blodget, Dick Grasso and Hank Greenberg. These guys are staying quiet, perhaps afraid they'll jinx the best thing that has ever happened to them.

A handful of Spitzer's former adversaries declined to comment on the stunning turn of events, first reported on the New York Times website, or they did not return requests for comment.
"It would be totally inappropriate for me to comment," former New York Stock Exchange C.E.O. Grasso told Spitzer sued in 2004 to have Grasso return the bulk of his nearly $140 million pay package.
Former American International Group chairman and C.E.O. Hank Greenberg, who was forced to resign under pressure from Spitzer, was similarly tight-lipped.
"Mr. Greenberg will not be saying anything about this," his spokesperson said.
Former Wall Street analyst Blodget, whom Spitzer targeted for sending private emails that conflicted with his public stock analysis, did not return requests for comment.

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