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Terrorists: Now Making the Commute To Times Square Even Worse

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A tiny homemade bomb improvised explosive device went off at that armed forced recruiters station in Times Square in the wee hours of the morning. No-one was hurt. The cops are looking for a dude in a hood on a bike, a description which seems vague enough to make us all nervous around every bike messenger on the streets.
But we're not interested in justice. We're interested in you, or at least that portion of you that works near Times Square. Is everyone at Morgan Stanley just taking the day off? Has Lehman stepped up security? Did Dick Fuld flee the country? Are Ernst & Youngsters quaking? Email us at


The Smart Indexes Are Even Worse Than The Dumb Ones*

You may have heard that the Dow hit 13,000 today before subsiding to a shameful 12,965.69. You may not have heard this, or cared, because the Dow is for morons, being a price-weighted index of thirty semi-random companies that, gah, aren't even "industrial" any more.** There are alternative theories but those theories are wrong: Joe Weisenthal in defense of the Dow has been noting its very high correlation with other, broader, more sensible indexes. I see this as further undermining the Dow's legitimacy. If it's very different methodology were leading to some kind of meaningfully different result, then we could perhaps argue that it's adding value in some kind of way. But instead what's going on is that the Dow's creators are hand-picking which stocks to include in the index specifically with an eye toward constructing an index that mirrors the other, better indexes out there. Apple and Google, for example, aren't in the Dow and aren't doing to get in any time soon because their very high share prices would skew the index in weird ways. This just goes to show that the Dow's creators already "know" the right answer (from looking at the S&P 500 and the Wilshire 5000) and then are trying to assemble an index to create the predetermined result. Maybe! An alternative theory is maybe suggested by [Occam's razor and] this piece from the Journal this weekend about index funds that I just loved and so am now going to inflict on you at unnecessary length: