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The Human Toll Of Bear Stearns: Dread On The Commute

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We're a hardened lot here at DealBreaker. We laugh in the face of our failures. As regular readers know well, we try to provoke laughter at the failures of others. So it was surprising when we found ourselves getting a bit choked up this morning as we read the Metro section of the New York Times. Peter Applebome rides with the commuters from Chappaqua to discover fear and self-loathing aboard the 6:13.

The pilgrims from Chappaqua trudged in from the cold drizzle Wednesday morning and gathered in drowsy silence like crows on the covered overpass above the tracks until 6:11, when someone said, “It’s time to get our heads bashed in.” Thus inspired, they descended to the platform, piled onto the largely empty cars, and then, either asleep, reading a newspaper, or with heads bowed as if in prayer over BlackBerrys, journeyed in silence on the 32.4 miles to Grand Central.

There's no happy ending to the story, unless you count Applebome's buddhist-stoicism as a version of happiness. As they say on the internet, read the whole thing.
Bear’s News Is Bad News on the 6:13 [New York Times]