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The Ultimate Diss

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Lehman Brothers is laying off five percent of its global workforce and adding insult to injury is this segment from Fox Business, in which Alexis Glicks implies (by saying outright) that LEH’s biggest rival is Bear Stearns. Ouch. Fucking, FBN, always taking someone’s shitty situation and rubbing his/her nose in it. Personal vendettas between Glick and Dick Fuld aside, why would the network say something so utterly hateful? Is there any truth there? I’m at a loss because no one really elucidates above, though we do get a quick history lesson about Lehman (three German Jews, cotton, etc), an outstanding PowerPoint presentation, and some rich talk about how Jimmy Cayne is focused on motivation. Thinking about this a little more, perhaps it’s not so much that FBN has something against Lehman but that they’ve got a thing for/been bribed by Bear? It’s pretty much the only way to account for the remark by the Glickster that BSC has had “a couple of problems with its hedge funds.” Update: To that end, I've reviewed the clip several times and I don't think it'd be out of line to wonder whether or not Glick and the guy from the Great Adventure commercials seem stoned. But where would they get their hands on the meds? There’s a marijuana drought, you know. They’d have to be hooked up with a professional. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.