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This One Goes Out To Everyone Getting The Boot At Goldman Today

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Not sure how we missed this but provided they didn't already score a record deal, it's not too late to share: Mikela and Gabriella are Eastern European sisters/singers/song writers/actresses who want to conquer America, and apparently their agent told them the best way to do that would be through Fox Business's Happy Hour.* Smart guy, who must've done a little research on HH's dynamic duo and discovered that Rebecca was actually instrumental in catapulting 98 degrees to international fame, and before he managed his own hedge fund (AUM: 15 large), Cody fucked half of N*SYNC. Anyway, have a listen. (If not to the girls (at 2:42), then at least the hypnotic beat FBN insists on playing throughout the segment. Who knew the production budget covered a synthesizer?)
*Little confusion as to whether FBN knew about the twins beforehand or if they were just plucked from the bar where they show's taped. We like to the think the latter.