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This Spitzer Case Is Ripping Us Apart!

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I just want to know, how are we going to go back to our boring old lives after this whole Spitzer thing blows over? What other business news story could possibly engender such a heated debate between Charlie Gasparino and Dylan Ratigan regarding the finer points of punishing a lover of whores, which devolved into an inaudible screaming match made all the more amusing by the technical director’s decision to use the split screen option?
Gasparino: When have they EVER prosecuted a john?
Ratigan: When was the last time the New York governor spent $100,000 on prostitutes? Answer the question!
Update: An uncharacteristic voice of reason is found in Dylan Ratigan at 11:28, imploring Charlie, Trish Regan, et al. to stop shouting over each other because "no one can hear us." Then, around 11:40, he tells Dennis Neal, "You sound like a crazy person."


Steve Cohen's Apartment Basically Affordable Housing At This Point

And yet no one will make him an offer, despite slashing $36 million off the original asking price. $36 million, people! Who does he have to screw around here to at least get a dialogue going?