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We Did Not See This Coming

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Including $45.76 million in vested stock, Lloyd Blankfein "earned" $100 million in 2007, which the Goldman CEO tells DealBreaker he'll be putting toward the Bowflex machine he needs in order to train for his upcoming fight with Lou Dobbs. Other senior executives at firm also got paid a decent amount. Meanwhile, fellow 941 Park Avenue resident, Stan O'Neal, is still, hideously, being asked to explain to Congress why he should get to keep his $163 million paycheck. Thank god Blankfein is moving out of that dump ASAP, otherwise, those elevator rides could get awkward again, and I don't think anyone wants to relive the uncomfortableness that ensued after 2005's non-denominational Key Party, except for Mark Haines, who used his press pass to gain entry, and made out like a bandit.
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