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We Have Reason To Believe An Underground Railroad Is Being Built Between Bear Stearns and Think Equity

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It might seem like we’re cynical, unfeeling assholes over here but I would just like to point out that we see the silver lining in every situation. For instance, tensions are running high at JPMorgan and Bear Stearns, and Jamie Dimon had to work on a holiday that he doesn’t actually celebrate, and thousands of people are going to be fired but there’s still money to be made.
Enter: the little pool we’ve had going on here since the whole BSC thing went down, regarding when the ‘r’ word would be dropped. I said before this week was up, Carney said May 16th. I won ten bucks today when “Huffington Post” blogger Jill Brooke wrote that Jamie Dimon “was able to financially rape Bear Stearns employees with a bargain basement bid sanctioned by the Treasury Department that wiped out years of deferred compensation.” The fact Carney’s annual take home is now in my pocket is pretty nice but it’s not the most exciting part. We didn’t even have money riding on this but were extremely pleased to see Brooke upping the ante and reporting that Dimon’s attempts to bar other banks from hiring away BSC employees who still have their jobs before the deal is completed is an act of “enslavement.” She seems to get a little confused, though, and later refers to the slaves as “refugees” but that’s a minor detail (which she should go back and edit). Anyway, take back the night rally tomorrow at 383 Madison. I’ve donated half of my winnings to paint and poster boards, the least you can do is come up with some good slogans.
Bear Stearns Employees Already Financially Raped, Now Possibly Enslaved [Huffington Post]