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What To Do If You Have (Or Is It Had?) A Summer Internship At Bear Stearns

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There's no doubt panic has set in at Bear Stearns. Even before the deal was announced, Bear employees who had retreated to nearby Connolly's Pub were comparing notes on what to do next. But the worry has spread beyond actual employees at Bear Stearns. Summer interns are starting to show concern now that they've realized the bank that hired them may very well pass from the earth.
Mergers & Inquisitions, a blog offering job advice for investment bankers, has produced a four point plan on what to do if you are worried about your summer internship at Bear Stearns. The advice includes not calling Bear Stearns. Nobody there knows anything anyway, and if they do they're probably too busy to deal with your problem. But M&I does recommend seeking out alternative positions. Uncertainty about the future here is just to high. Engage in some personal risk management and hedge this bet.
Bear Stearns Episode 2: The Shareholders Strike Back [Mergers & Inquisitions]