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Write-Offs: 03.13.08

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$$$ Late Breaking: Is Ashley Dupre (aka Eliot Spitzer's Kristen) lying about her age? We've heard stories from people who claim to have known her for many years. Something doesn't add up with this claim that she is only 22. This profile from suggests she might be 32. Update:New York Magazine says public records indicate the same thing. [Daily Intel]
$$$Difficult to Ignore [Going Private]
$$$ A Call Girl’s View of the Spitzer Affair [Freakonomics Blog]
$$$ A feminist rebuke of Eliot Spitzer, by “Kristen,” the prostitute who slept with Eliot Spitzer. [News Groper]
$$$ I've Seen My Share of Spitzers: The View From an Escort Service [PJ Media]
$$$ Spitzer's Call Girl Resigns [YouTube]