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And If I Find Out I’ve Got Chlamydia, I’ll Keep You Abreast Of That, Too

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It shouldn’t really come as a shock that News Corp-owned Fox Business would encourage its employees to get all MySpacey on the corporate blog but hi-yo, Alexis Glick! The FBN anchor recently spent four days on vacation with her husband in London and posted about the trip this morning. You think you’re reading an interminably long and boring entry about two tourists going to football games, taking pictures of Buckingham Palace and using the word 'bloody' and then at the last second, the Glickster slips in an insinuation that those to had sex!

The best part of the entire trip was being with my best friend and husband! Our lives are so busy and when we’re home it’s about the kids, the job, building a house or taking on the world. Together we love to travel and this afforded us that opportunity to do some of the things we love doing the most. We got to sleep late, order room service and shut down the BlackBerrys, work e-mails and phone calls. I must admit when we go away, we do cut ourselves off from the world. For a moment it’s nice not to know what is going on in the world. If I’m pregnant, you’ll be the first to know :)

First off, let’s get one thing clear: that smiley face is hers, not mine. To that end, if this is to continue, please, Glick, cut the cutesy shit. If you’re going to be keeping us abreast of the comings and goings of your sex life, we implore you—NO MORE EMOTICONS. Just give us the facts, and, perhaps, some crudely drawn stick figure illustrations or video clips. If a dash of spice is necessary, feel free to dip into the reserve of strippers ‘Happy Hour’ has on call. Also, I hope you realize the dangerous precedent you’re setting. Next thing you know your colleague Neil Cavuto, jostling for airtime, is over-sharing with the information that he banged a couple of key grips before this morning's broadcasting (M and F), and Charlie Gasparino is convincing network execs at CNBC to “put me on air fucking a horse.”
Beautiful London [The Glick Report]


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