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Bear Trader To GS

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Obviously when we're talking about JPMorgan and Bear Stearns (and really just life in general but in this particular case, the little deal that's going on between these two specifically) the question we have to be constantly asking ourselves is, where does Goldman fit in? And, more to the point, how does Goldman benefit? You already know that Lloyd Blankfein has scored the Laz-y Boy Cayne spent so many hours lovingly rolling joints in while he was at the office, but the firm has also called dibs on BSC mortgage derivatives trader Peeyush Misra, who made Bear upwards of $100 million a year. Oh and Josh Weintraub, head of Bear's "private-label mortgage group," is headed to RBS Greenwich, though that doesn't have much to do with Goldman, so I'm not sure why you'd be interested.
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