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Brian Hunter Knows What We're Talking About

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Susan Estes, a former Countrywide executive, is starting her own hedge fund and is, as hedge fund managers are wont to do, trolling for money. One thing though, she’d rather you ixnay on the ountrywidecay association, and not think of her when you think of His Orangeness. Says Estes, “I was hired by Countrywide to set up the company’s non-mortgage trading businesses, so my focus was not on anything that’s been in the press.” It sure would be nice if we could all just write off various and sundry unpleasant episodes in our lives, wouldn’t it? I know six months from now, when I’m trying to get a job working with children, I'd love to pretend I’ve never heard of or one John F. Carney. But I’m a realist and I know that some stains just won’t come out. Nonetheless, I believe in second chances, and want to support my gal Sue and hereby offer to invest all of my liquid assets (20 bucks) in her fund.
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Ex-Countrywide Exec. Preps Global Macro Hedge Fund [FINalternatives]


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