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Clinton Aide Pushes Colombia Trade Deal

We try (unsuccessfully) to avoid pure politics here at DealBreaker, but sometimes, particularly with issues like free trade, the lines blur. Irony, then, that Mark Penn, Clinton's chief strategist, would be supporting the free trade pact with Colombia when Clinton opposes it. Of course, we are all for free trade here at DealBreaker, but one wonders how Mr. Penn was prodded by the Colombians into the free trade camp given the leanings of (one of) his bosses.

Hillary Clinton's chief campaign strategist met with Colombia's ambassador to the U.S. on Monday to discuss a bilateral free-trade agreement, a pact the presidential candidate opposes.

I've been told privately this morning that President Bush is intensely interested in the exchange. Asked to comment on the deal Bush apparently said only "Score!" before realizing he was on-the-record.*

Penn Held Talks On Colombia Pact Opposed by Senator
* Dramatization, may not actually have happened.