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Conspiracy Tuesdays: Peak Oil

You know, if America stands for anything it is fundamental rights. Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, riskless return, cheap oil- the usual. And so, damn it, if commodity producers cannot bring raw materials to Americans at a price we think fair, we'll damn well legislate those prices to the place they should be. If they won't quench our thirst at those prices, then we will force them to increase volume! If they profit, we will investigate them. Perhaps we will even slap them with a special tax. That will teach them to raise prices. That's how we roll.
So, I just don't understand what the Russians are up to. Tax breaks to encourage oil development and production? Who the hell thought that up? They should just mandate production levels from these greedy oil men. I swear, it's like we have to teach them about market economies again or something. Some capitalists they turned out to be.
Peak Oil: "Da" Say Russian Oil Execs [WSJ]