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Fun With Real Filings

There is absolutely no doubt that, to the extent such exists, the best reading in public filings with the SEC are in a few areas. Letters to management attached to SC 13Ds filings are always amusing, particularly when penned by a scribe with the dark sense of humor or acerbic with of Loeb or Chapman. Occasionally you might even find an S-1 that has potential. But for the real gold, sometimes you have to go to good old SC 14A, particularly in the face of a good, solid proxy fight. It is also hard not to be entertained by Rule 424 filings for things like sovereign bond issues. Consider these headings under "Recent Political Development" for a bond issue by the Republic of the Philippines:
Election Protest of Legarda
Arrests in Connection with Coup Attempts
Impeachment Complaints Filed Against President Arroyo
Communists and Affiliated Groups
Abu Sayyaf and Moro Islamic Liberation Front
Government Expropriation of Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3
Proposed Amendments to the Constitution
I mean really, when have any of Apple's filings been so entertaining?