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George Soros's Big Swinging Grapes

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Institutional Investor published its annual ranking of the highest paid hedge fund managers today. There are no suprises. John Paulson came in first with $3.7 billion, followed by George Soros with $2.9 billion, James Simons with $2.8 billion, Philip Falcone with $1.7 billion and so on and so forth (backing up the truck was Viking Global Investors' O.Andreas Halvorsen with a measly $520 million). Pretty much what you were expecting all along, right? Right. What you probably weren't expecting, however, is the news that No. 2, Jorges Soros, has announced plans to take some of last year's income and get into the vino business. He's already bought up some land in Napa for a vineyard to be named at a later date, and is apparently circulating marketing materials to qualified investors interested in getting in on the fun. DealBreaker has obtained said materials. Find them after the jump

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