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Goldman Sachs Buyback Rumors

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Other news media wait until the market closes before reporting on trader chatter and market rumors because they don't think you are smart enough to handle the half-truths. We have more faith in our readers. So we bring it to you straight and without condescending censorship
Today the chatter is about Goldman Sachs. People say lots of things, but today they are saying that Goldman will announce a major stock buyback tonight after the market closes. They're even putting a number on it: $8 billion. Of course, the people saying this are in no condition to know and last week they probably would have told you that Lehman Brothers would be worth $2 on Monday. (But a couple weeks before that they were right about Bear Stearns.) Make of it what you will.
A side note: it's kind of nice to report on bullish rumors about an investment bank. When was the last this happened?
Goldman Sachs didn't comment on this because they wouldn't anyway so we didn't call them.